2.15: Dedication


It’s like I can’t breathe. I thought maybe writing would help me. I don’t know what to write though. Maybe I just have to say it. I haven’t actually said the words.

Dad is gone.


Oh, God, writing it did not help. It just made it hurt more.

He was old. I shouldn’t be surprised. And it’s not like this life is easy. It shouldn’t be this hard or hurt so bad. He was old.


He lived a good life, right? Admittedly, he could’ve been luckier in love, but I think he was happy. He had me and Quinn and Baz. Kayne, sort of. And Catalina. He really loved being a grandfather. I always was surprised that Kayne let Caty call him Grandpa.


They dedicated the hospital to him. They finished it just two months ago and brought us all out there to do some fancy ceremony. I could tell how proud Dad was – even Mom cracked a smile.

There is one thing…


Last night, I went to the bathroom. Someone was in the main one, so I had to go down to the basement. And that’s when I heard something coming from Mom and Dad…Mom’s room.



At first, I thought I was crazy, but Mom was definitely crying. I don’t know what to think. I mean, I knew they had to get along some way, but I always figured it was mostly just physical between them. But if she was crying…They had to really care about each other.

I’ve never actually seen her shed a tear, though. Or even look that sad. So is she just that good at keeping a mask on? What else has Mom been hiding all these years?


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14 thoughts on “2.15: Dedication”

  1. Omg Jason!!!!! Why???!!!

    I’m sorry for being shallow but this is the first front view of Jason we’ve had since he became an elder and yes, he is without a doubt the most handsome elder I’ve ever seen. Hands down.

    And Awwww Shannyn crying. Yes M you cannot spend 30 years of your fight for survival with someone and have it not grow into more than just physical.

    I know Gio was her love but I hope Jason sparked something equa (albeit different) in her.

    Rest easy now Jason. You’re goodness will be missed.

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      1. No they can!!! *turns aging off*

        Haha. Well ok, someone had to go and per challenge rules you cannot move anyone out. The challenge couldn’t continue until someone made room. Apparently that someone was selfless Jason.

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    1. Shannyn is one of my favorite characters that I’ve read in a lot of SimLit. I really like how her character has grown and matured, and it’s sad events like this that bring out the depth of the writing.

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  2. See, your mom isn’t 100% awful. She’s just not very good at showing, or wanting to show, any side of her that might be seen as soft. Even if the apocalypse hadn’t happened, she was never a soft woman and it just made her harder.

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