2.13: Red Tape


I can’t believe this. After all these years, Dad finally did it.

I didn’t even know what “it” was until a little while ago. He wouldn’t tell anyone – except, apparently, Emmalina, who revealed that she’s known for years now – so he didn’t “get our hopes up.” But whatever – that’s not the point.

It’s really unbelievable what he’s done.


For all this time, he’s been working on bringing medicine and doctors back into the town. He had to jump through so many hoops because nobody is allowed in or out of Oasis Springs. That’s why it took so long – miles and miles and miles of red tape and connections to smooth the way.


But it’s actually happened now. For now, there’s a medical unit running out of some old building downtown. They’re building a real hospital, though. Our people can get actual medical care now. Some people have managed to get their hands on medicine, but now everyone can get it, and they don’t have to pay through the nose for it, either.

It’s more than just medical care, though (as if that weren’t enough). The hospital is going to need better water and plumbing than what we’ve been subsisting on – so the whole town is getting their plumbing fixed and replaced. With what we’ve had, we could barely get toilets to flush and run enough water for a sponge bath at the sink. Now they’re putting in showers.


I only knew what a shower was as a concept before they put two in right here. Since Dad was the one to bring all this to Oasis Springs, we got the benefits of being the first to get the new plumbing.


I was so excited – until it actually got to be my turn to step into one of the glass stalls. In books, people love showering, and even Mom was downright giddy to get to take one. But to me, it was actually a little scary when I stepped under the spray. There was so much water coming down on me. In my face and getting in my eyes and mouth.

I’ve gotten used to it, but I still don’t really like doing it. It is much faster – and warmer! – than the sponge baths at the sink.


Emmalina asked why Jason couldn’t have made this breakthrough when she was pregnant with Catalina. Which was funny – and was meant to be. But then I stuck my big fat foot in my mouth and told her that, “at least the hospital would be there for her next kid.”


I can’t believe I said that. They’ve been trying for years to have another baby. How many times have I promised her myself that it would happen? How many times have I heard her crying? I just…I hate that I was so insensitive, especially since she’s always been so thoughtful of me.

Anyway, so, things happened. Very big, important things. Certainly better than what Mom worked most of her life for.

And there’s the bitterness again.


I need to let it go. Mom will never change. She’ll always be Shannyn Storme.

But if I’m ever, by some change, a mom. I’m going to be so fucking much better than her.

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18 thoughts on “2.13: Red Tape”

  1. Nice one, Jason. I hope Myrcella does get to be a mum, but I feel like if she was she might be too soft and not prepare them well enough for life in an apocalyptic setting…I loved the description of the shower and how she felt about that. It just felt so realistic- the confusion and wonder to something pretty normal.

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  2. Awww!!!! Jason you did it!!! I’m so sorry to see you as an elder, even though Joie assures you’re super hot – hard to tell from the back. haha. 🙂

    So Jason reached the top of journalism to remove the restriction from plumbing then? I really need to read the rules for this challenge. I may want to play it! 🙂 It sounds so tough.

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  3. For some reason I thought medicine would be unlocked by mixology (because its a drink?) but I guess it makes sense either way. He isn’t updating it for the expansions so we have to interpret the new stuff how ever we can.
    I’m making a list of your things to watch what you are unlocking. I don’t know why. I just am too invested to not. ( I have OCD *for real not just oooh I’m so neat freak* and one of my compulsions is I make lists of things especially if I like them lol)

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      1. According to the rules, “medicine” is unlocked by journalism, so that’s what I went with for GtW. I started the challenge over with Shannyn. If I hadn’t, I would’ve had bodybuilder, investor, journalism, and eSports gamer cleared when I started. Plus the teen career manual labor.


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