2.12: Hell Yes

Disclaimer: This chapter contains some nudity. (Boobs.)


“Alfie the Unicorn was no ordinary unicorn. He was – “Kayne looked up from the book he was reading to his daughter and found Emmalina’s eyes on him.

She smiled and stepped away from the door she’d just come through. “Don’t let me interrupt.” Even as she spoke, it was too late. Catalina bounded off the loveseat and hugged her mother tightly.


“How was work, Mommy? Did you open the gallery yet?”

Emmalina laughed and shook her head before sitting down next to Kayne. “No, not yet, sweetie.”


Kayne chuckled softly and leaned over to kiss her. “Hello.”

“Mmm, hi.” She leaned into him and deepened the kiss.

Catalina plopped down on the other sofa. “Bleh. Stop being gross.”


Emmalina tucked herself under his arm. “Gross, huh? Do you think we’re being gross, Kayne?”

“I think that if she’s still here, we’re not being gross enough.” He stifled a grin so he could kiss her again.


Emmalina laughed against his mouth while their daughter flounced up the stairs. “We probably shouldn’t tease her like that, but she makes it so fun.”

“Hopefully, she’ll always think kissing is gross.”

“Wishful thinking.”

I’ll gut any man that touches her. Rather than say that, he simply kissed Emmalina’s hair.


She sighed contentedly and nestled into his side. “Kayne, I’ve been thinking…”

He pulled back to look at her, arching one brow slightly. “About what?”

“Well, about Caty…and about maybe giving her a sibling.”


Kayne smiled slowly. “Another kid?” On the one hand, that would be one more tiny helpless thing he had to keep safe. But on the other was the fact that he fucking loved being a father. “Hell yes. Let’s make a baby.”

He got up and picked Emmalina up, causing her to let out peals of laughter all the way to their room.


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16 thoughts on “2.12: Hell Yes”

  1. So sad, they don’t even know they can’t have a baby not because of lack of trying but there is just no space for a baby. It’s sad but by the time they get around to being able to have a baby Catalina going to be husband hunting. And probably looking for a kid but mostly husbands

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really liked the wordless part at the end, you did a really good job showing the time passing! Hopefully they will find a way to have a baby soon… but I guess someone would need to move out or die first LOL not that they know that 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw, it’s okay – be glad you’re not overly fertile like grandma Shannyn. Three kids at a time in the apocalypse is just too many babies. But since you want another one, good luck! Don’t stress to much, and stay away from anything weird and glowing…just in case.

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  4. Ooooh, I absolutely loved the wordless part. And gah…Kayne is so sexy. Haha.

    It’s so very sad they both want another child…and there just isn’t anyway for it to happen right now game mechanics wise. Come on Q…clear the “move out” restriction! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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