2.10: Writing For Real


Okay, so, I’ve written before about how Dad was helping me get a job at the paper. When I first turned nineteen, there wasn’t anything open, so I had to wait a while before he could get me a spot. I’ve been working there for a few months, now, though.

And the most awesome thing happened to me today.


I guess I didn’t make it a huge secret that journalism really wasn’t what I wanted to do. I didn’t go around with a megaphone announcing it, or anything, but I’ve got a few coworkers that are nice to talk to, and I’ve confided in them.


Today, I was on my thirty-minute lunch break when this man sat down with me. He introduced himself as Clark Hammond and said that he’d heard I wanted to be a writer.

Well, then he goes on to tell me about this dream of his. He wants to build a school. Actually, he wants to rebuild the whole school system into something like it used to be. That’s fantastic and all, but, at first, I didn’t really see what that had to do with me. Then he kept going.


He’s been working on this for years. He’s got building locations picked out, people willing and able to build and renovate for him, even teachers. What he needs are books. He needs textbooks for the kids to learn from, but, even better, he needs stories. I didn’t understand at first why he’d need stories for a school, but he said that not only did kids need the technical books, they also needed creative works, both to teach them language and reading comprehension, but also just for recreation.


What Mr. Hammond is doing is so amazing, I can’t believe he wants my help. He wants me to write lit and grammar books, plus stories. I told him I didn’t know that much about the technical aspects, but he promised me that he had teachers who would help me put the textbooks together. Isn’t that amazing?! Besides how much I’ll be helping others, imagine how much better my writing will be once I know more. Dad did the best that he could, but now I can learn from real teachers, ones who went to school just to teach other people things.


Unfortunately, I won’t get any money from my books, but that’s never really been what I wanted. I just want to share what I write with people.

Oh, and Mr. Hammond doesn’t just want to open schools – he wants to open a library. He says that everyone should be able to learn and read whatever they want, whether they’re school-aged or not. Isn’t that wonderful?

I’m so excited for this. I’ve been vibrating about it all day and talking everyone’s ears off. Even Mom seemed happy for me. Dad was downright thrilled.


I talked to Emmalina the most about it, even told her about my idea for the first story I want to give Mr. Hammond – it’s one I’ve started already, but never finished. She told me how she wished she could be part of something like this. I’m not really sure what she could do, but I told her to think of something and go for it. There’s so much Oasis Springs doesn’t have – probably more than I’m really even aware of. There’s got to be a million things she could do.

Okay, I can feel my characters scratching at my brain, so I think it’s time to end this and start writing for real!

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12 thoughts on “2.10: Writing For Real”

  1. Awwww, I keep forgetting that MQB and Kayne haven’t ever known a world that wasn’t like this. Jason and Shannyn have, but it’s now over 20 years ago and everything is different now.

    I love that she’s trying to help make a difference, just like her Dad. /swoon Jason.

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