2.07: Crazy

08-02-16_4-34-04 AM

So, I don’t even know where to begin with this. For the first time since I started keeping this journal, it’s actually been too insane in the house for me to do any writing the last few days. Want to know why?

Kayne’s pregnant girlfriend moved in.


08-02-16_4-37-42 AM

The whole house is pretty much in an uproar, but it’s less because of Emmalina (who pretty much never leaves her room – seriously, she just reads all the time and keeps to herself) and more because of Mom. I’ve never seen her so pissed off. And, honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her mad at Kayne before ever. There’s a lot of firsts going on.

08-02-16_4-46-47 AM

The night Emmalina showed up was the craziest. Right before dawn, everyone was in bed, and then this banging started. It woke me up, and I started to go down to investigate, but Mom met me in the hallway and about tore my head off. She told us all to stay up there until she said it was safe. A few minutes later, the yelling started.

08-02-16_4-50-56 AM

I honestly can’t believe Kayne told her no. I mean, he’s not a Mama’s boy or anything, but he’s her favorite – her perfect child. They’ve always had the best relationship, and he’s followed her orders. This is the first time I think I’ve heard him outright refuse to do something. (See what I said about firsts?)

08-02-16_4-53-11 AM

Of course, now Mom is a terror to live with. You even look at her a way she doesn’t like and she jumps down your throat. She got even more pissed off when Jason brought up switching rooms with Kayne, since no one ever got rid of the bassinets from when we were babies. She went with it (maybe there’s still a logical part of her brain functioning?), but she’s making sure everybody knows she’s not happy about the situation. God, I hope she eases up soon. I don’t know how much longer I can handle it, and I’m actually used to her crappy attitude. Poor Emmalina seems to be terrified.

08-02-16_4-55-34 AM

Speaking of Emmalina, I don’t know what the hell she’s doing with my brother. She seems so nice and sweet. I could see her with Quinn, maybe, if he weren’t so much younger, but Kayne? They’re nothing alike. I guess maybe Kayne feels the same way because he’s still sleeping in his old room. I actually haven’t noticed him talking to Emmalina much. And he won’t say anything about how he knows her, either. He just said she helped him once and that he knows the baby is his. So I guess that’s where he was those days that he disappeared.

08-02-16_4-59-09 AM

Kayne hasn’t spent much time with Emmalina, but I have. I mean, I think we’re a lot alike. And she let me touch her stomach, which was kind of trippy. She said the baby was moving around, but I couldn’t really feel it. Maybe when it’s older?

08-02-16_5-01-40 AM

I’m trying to imagine Kayne as a father, and it’s not going well. I really hope he doesn’t have Mom’s parenting style. I’m all for the kid being fit, but Mom never believed in moderation. And Emmalina seems so much meeker than Dad; I wonder if she’ll even stand up to Kayne over anything?

08-02-16_5-03-32 AM

You know, I can’t imagine Kayne as a father, but, really, I can’t even imagine having a real, live baby in the house. I’ve never seen a real one. Mom’s these days don’t exactly take their babies on strolls along the sidewalk. I’ve just read about them and seen pictures. Kayne says they’re just kind of boring and squishy; Dad agrees that they’re squishy but added that they’re marvelous and wonderful and tiny little miracles. So, I guess we’ll see once the baby gets here.

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10 thoughts on “2.07: Crazy”

  1. It’s no surprise Emmalina isn’t adjusting well to her new surroundings. Myrcella has ever right to be worried about the baby! And Kayne is pissing me off👿 You go on and on about how you miss her and now that she’s here sorta messing with your life you’re going to ignore her all together. I’m glad she has Myrcella Jason and Quinn to help her cause Baz is out Shannyn is a Hell No! And Kayne is well who knows what he’s thinking.

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  2. I really love how different personalities all of them have. It shows nicely in the way they talk about the babies for instance. No wonder the household has kind of explosive atmosphere, especially now.

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  3. Ooooh, I seriously love this. Of course I dislike that Kayne is not interacting with Em, but I really like that she’s there with them. First she’ll be protected. Second, Kayne is falling in love with her, whether he wants to or not. And of course…the nooboo will be outrageously gorgeous.

    PS – I love M … she’s probably my favorite right now.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha – I do wonder HOW she found him. That must have taken some serious determination. Did she get kicked out of her house, I wonder? Wandering the streets with the face of a notorous hitman? And what did people think when she asked after him? Laugh in her face, run in fear? Did his co-workers point her in the right direction thinking he’d kill her when she showed up – or cause issues. And then did they tease him about it the next day and he had to beat them senseless? Did they do worse?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All very, very good questions. I’d say she somehow missed running into any of Kayne’s “colleagues,” since otherwise he would’ve known she was looking for him.

      Liked by 1 person

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