1.17: Drain

April 21

7 years 2 weeks since Event


I’m exhausted. The kind of tired I haven’t been since the town first went nuclear, and I didn’t sleep for four days. But that’s life with triplets. It’s been weeks since I’ve even written in this thing, but tonight it’s helping me stay awake. Even with the distraction, I’m about ready to fall asleep on this rickety old table. Jason found it in a trash heap a few weeks ago and hauled it up here so he could get work done and be close to the babies. He’s always happy to be close to them. Me, not so much.


I should be sleeping, but I’m the only one around to take care of the poop monsters. I couldn’t believe when Jason told me he actually had to sneak out after curfew. Ever since they’d instituted that stupid thing, he’d been all for keeping his nose clean and staying inside after dark.


It was supposed to be some measure to keep the town safer. Whatever; I still had my business to take care of. Some “policeman” tried to stop me last week; he didn’t go home.

Anyway, Jason told me there was some source contact he had to meet with. He’s been very hush hush about it and trying to keep his cool, but I could tell he was excited. He must think he’s getting close to something. Yeah, well, I’ll believe it when I see it; he’s gotten excited before.


I just hope he hurries up. I know the shit machines are going to have full diapers soon – and boy, do I miss actual diapers – and then they’ll probably barely be down again before they’re crying for some other reason. Usually, I let Jason handle everything he can, and I only get up for feedings, which is exhausting enough. After feeding them this time, I didn’t even see the point in trying to sleep until after their diaper change.


Sometimes, I look at the triplets, and I do feel bad that I don’t love them the way I love Kayne. But I just…I can’t. If it had just been the one – maybe. But three was just too much. I’m just so angry all the time – resentful. They’re such a drain on me. On my body, my time with Kayne. It’s like they’re sucking the life right out of me.

One of them is crying. I guess this is where I’m ending this.

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17 thoughts on “1.17: Drain”

  1. I kinda feel bad for the babies. They didn’t ask for this. They didn’t ask to be born. I hope her motherly instinct kicks in soon. Also I’m really curious what Jason is up to.


  2. You have an amazing ability to make me feel for someone I would not like in real life lol.
    In all seriousness, I understand why she is the way she is even if I couldn’t do/act the way she does.
    Just finished my Wonder child and ready for my own Apocalypse challenge! I am trying to figure out the best order that will let me succeed but not take away all the challenge lol. There are some career locks that I don’t use at all so don’t matter and I think I will scatter them among the order so I don’t end up with the last 5 or so I need to do all being super easy because I would never use those things anyway.
    I may also decide on order based on a story of some kind though I really REALLY shouldn’t write it because I am supposed be writing my Cultracy >.<'

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    1. In real life, you don’t get to see all the internal turmoil. 😉 I doubt I’d like Shannyn much myself if we met on the street. haha

      Which are the restrictions you don’t care about? Because, let me tell you, I didn’t care about some of them until I started playing and then I realized how inconvenient it was not to have them. haha


      1. I guess the only one I super don’t care about is Orical. I don’t cheat or use community sims anyway.
        No radios, only practice on instruments, no changing aspirations isn’t much for me either. I don’t tend to switch aspirations except with things like wonder challenge. I guess its an old habit or maybe because I like to focus personality and not min/max.
        Same with no reward aspirations. I don’t do it much. I know I should, they just used to be so cheaty and I don’t like that.
        So those don’t matter to me.
        I DO need to change my attitude about the reward traits especially. I know they are important to challenges but I don’t use them in regular play. But I need to keep in mind that they are replacing extra traits and are meant to be part of the personality.
        And there are others that I kind of don’t want to get rid of right away, not because I don’t think they are useful but because I think they are important enough that if I get them all right away it will be too easy and I want the challenge lol

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        1. Haha I’m actually clearing Oracle in gen 2! If I were just playing for the challenge, it wouldn’t be high on my list either, but I’m not content to have townie spouses. haha So I’m clearing it quickly so I’m only cheating for two generations instead of all of them.

          I haven’t played much with reward traits until recently. In my legacy, my gen 2 heir has almost all the reward traits because I’ve played her so much. With all those skill boosts and lowered needs, she was able to complete some aspirations in just a few days! I’m already longing for some of those traits trying to skill these sims up. haha

          I’ve also made some choices to put off restrictions to keep things challenging. I’m putting off eSports Gamer until almost the end, which is probably insane.


          1. Hmm. I didn’t think the phone would change that much. The computer would be missed but I didnt think it would be the bigger one. but then it might be one of those ones you dont notice until you dont have it.

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            1. It’s very difficult to raise fun without tvs or computers. Reading and playing chess doesn’t raise fun very quickly.


            2. Bodybuilder is another that I’m putting off until gen 4 that I already wish was cleared right now. haha


            3. I think thats probably my first one. I genuinely dont see how you can possibly do anything without being able to rearrange things at all. How could you buy new beds or anything?

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            4. You can’t. That’s why I’m not bothering to clear Tech Guru Start-Up (allowing you to buy nice things) until after I clear Bodybuilder. You can buy new things to allow for more sims added to your household, but you can’t move anything larger than 1×1 to accommodate those new things. It requires a lot of planning and honestly I’m not sure I was completely successful but I’m trying not to cheat. haha


  3. Ooooh Shannyn yes I can see her love of Kayne (Gio’s son) outweighing the triplets. They are probably as much a drain on her now (more so even) then they were when she was pregnant.

    Especially with her being the only one that can feed them.

    I joke that one of my sim traits would be ‘hates children’ but honestly I really hate Sim infants. It seems like they cry all the time and poor Shannyn has to deal with three of them!!

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    1. Sims 4 infants are terrible! Shannyn was pretty much chained to that room for three days. fortunately, she was off work right up to when they aged up. I hope this challenge never gives me triplets again! haha

      Shannyn does definitely love Kayne a lot more than the triplets, though that can change in time. Right now, she can’t see past the anger and resentment she feels towards them. Even if circumstances were ideal, she wouldn’t be thrilled about triplets. lol

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