1.16: MQB

07-18-16_11-03-43 PM

“I still can’t believe it,” Jason said, an almost giddy tone in his awed voice. “Triplets!”

Shannyn looked into the “nursery” from her spot near the door. “You’d fucking believe it if you’d been the one pushing them out.” Fucking. Triplets. She’d known she was huge there at the end, but she’d just thought Jason had made some kind of mammoth child. She’d never dreamed it was multiples.

07-18-16_11-04-56 PM

Jason put Myrcella down in her crib and turned towards the boys, Quinn, named by Jason, and Balthazar, named by Shannyn. “Hey there, Baz.” Jason rocked the baby, apparently lost in the wonder of fatherhood.

07-18-16_11-05-54 PM

Shannyn curled her lip at the sight and turned away. She sank down on the side of the bed, still sore and aching from the birth that had taken place days ago.

Inside her, burning, visceral anger seethed. Goddamn triplets. How were they supposed to take care of three babies? For fuck’s sake, she only had two tits. Bottles and breast pumps were a thing of the past. She was practically chained to that room until they were finally on solid food.

Those squalling things might kill me yet.

It had taken everything they had just to get by during the pregnancy. Every penny they’d made that hadn’t been absolutely necessary had been spent bribing Shannyn’s own coworkers.

07-18-16_11-08-37 PM


She twisted around at the sound of Jason’s voice. “Done cooing over the babies now?” she asked sarcastically.

He hesitated for a moment. “I think Quinn is hungry.”

Of course he was. And his siblings would be quick to follow. “Fuckity yay.”

07-18-16_11-11-24 PM

As soon as she’d finished feeding them, she changed clothes and disappeared downstairs, leaving Jason to handle the mess that was most certainly on the way.

Kayne lifted his head from his book when she entered the living room. “How are the babies? Can I go see them?”

07-18-16_11-12-33 PM

His excitement over his little siblings dampened her anger, almost bringing a smile to her face. “Yeah, go ahead. Just don’t get in Jason’s way.”

She watched her son run up the stairs. He was so happy to be a big brother. The triplets were one of the worst things to ever happen to her, but if they made Kayne happy…

07-18-16_11-13-45 PM

She descended into the small, sparse basement and headed to the punching bag. It had been months since she’d had any kind of work out, and she was feeling it. Putting everything else out of her mind, she fell into the familiar boxing stance and let the bag take on the faces of all the “coworkers” she so hated.

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11 thoughts on “1.16: MQB”

  1. Omg!!!!! Three of gorgeous Jason’s kids!!! Oh my god!!! Shannyn is going to have a really tough time in the coming years!! Three teens?? *mind blown*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “How were they supposed to take care of three babies? For fuck’s sake, she only had two tits.”

    You had me burst in laughs at this point in the middle of the night waking up hubby who was sleeping so deep lol

    Reading it all to catch up, love it you really are gifted in writing and taking in game pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. That line was the best. Aw Shannyn I love your ‘fuck the world’s nature. Us positive people find it refreshing and alien. I know Jason does…unless he gets burnt out. Hopefully his optimism is strong enough for the apocalypse… Triplets probably help….triplets!! Soooo Jason’s fault.

      Liked by 1 person

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