1.09: Extra Security

May 16

1 year 1 month since Event


So, things are pretty fucking weird now. I’m sitting here writing this on the side of my bed because Jason’s computer has taken over the desk downstairs. He’s apparently some kind of journalist, so they give him a computer to write articles. What even is there to report on now? Who is getting a newspaper anymore? I’ve got no fucking clue, but as long as he’s bringing in a paycheck, I don’t really care.

I still can’t believe I let him move in here. I was with Gio for well over a year before I even let him bring up the subject of living together. Different world we’re living in, though, right? I’m not one to trust people, but having Jason around makes life safer for Kayne. And that’s what’s really important, right?


I mean, he’s just a baby. He’s growing so fast, but he still feels so tiny and fragile to me. This is the worst possible place for him to grow up. But I’m going to make it safe for him, and, until I do, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra security around.


There have been some good changes, too. For the first time in over a year, I had a real meal. Or, at least, the closest you can get to one these days.


I found that market Jason told me about and, at first, they tried to give me the run around. It’s a shame someone had to get stabbed before they realized I wasn’t one with which to fuck, but now I have a standing order at the market for the best of every shipment. Jason and I still won’t be eating like kings, but at least we’ll have some variety.


Tonight, we threw pieces of chicken on the grill. Real, bona fide chicken – not even processed. I was even able to get some real seasonings at the market – pepper, fresh basil – and found some wild sage growing down by the river. I swear, it was the best meal I’ve ever eaten.

And, I guess, it wouldn’t have been possible without Jason. I suppose he’s pretty useful to have around.


I have to wonder, though, how he’ll react when he finds out what I do. He’s already asking questions about my irregular hours and all the time I’m gone during the night. A good guy like him, I doubt he’ll approve of my methods for ensuring our safety. Not everyone can be like my Gio. He never did bat an eye over what I did, even though he got squicked out at the sight of his own blood.

I suppose we’ll deal with that when we get there.

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7 thoughts on “1.09: Extra Security”

  1. See??? Jason was right. What if Shannyn had been the one to get stabbed. (I know, I know she’s a harass b*tch) but Kayne would have had no one. Better if they stick together for sure.

    Love this story and the grit.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha. Well he will either figure it out and panic, or figure it out and keep quiet. I’m voting for the second. I think hes a smart cookie, but as long as she doesn’t confirm it, he can hide from the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

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