1.01: Gone


This will be the first and only warning for language. And it is a strong warning. Shannyn has a potty mouth.

July 2

4 months since the Event

Giovanni is gone.


I’ve written the same sentence everyday for the last three weeks and it still doesn’t feel real yet. I thought that we’d be safe after we managed to survive the days after it happened. We’d made it through the chaos and found a place to live – it’s a dump, nothing like what I used to have, but it’s better than most.


I can still hear his voice. “We’ll make it nice, Shannyn. It’ll be a real home. Trust me, babe.”

I told him never to go out without me. He was too kind for the world we lived in now. Too trusting, and you can’t trust anyone now. Easy enough for me – he’s the only person I ever put my trust in – but not for Gio.


I want to hunt down the son of a bitch that took away the one good thing in this world. But there’s just one of me. There are a lot of marauder’s though. I haven’t survived this long without a brain; as much as I want vengeance, I want to stay breathing too.


I wish I’d saved more from our old place. When the Event started, I wasn’t thinking about mementos or keepsakes – I never was a sentimental person. But now… I wish I had something to hold onto, I guess. I managed to pull one crappy selfie off of my phone before it died forever. Me and Giovanni at the park. He loved to drag me out hiking. “Enjoying the beauty of nature” as he called it…


You stupid dreaming artist. Why couldn’t you just stay in the house? I’m the brawn, the one who knows how to survive, the one who protects us. Why did you have to –


Giovanni is gone.

He’s the only man – the only person other than myself that I ever gave a damn about. But he’s gone, and I’m still breathing. I’ll just keep doing what I do best; I’ll keep surviving.


Welcome to my first ever apocalypse challenge! This story will be a hybrid of gameplay driven and scripted drama. I will be following the rules (more or less…) and you can check them out here. I’m very excited for this story, and I hope you enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “1.01: Gone”

    1. I love apocalypse challenges but it seems that so few people write them! I’ve never played one all the way through before, either. I was on gen 3 of one when I got the idea for this story, so I started over with my gen 3 heir, Shannyn.

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  1. This sounds pretty cool. I’ve attempted the apocalypse challenge ages ago, but the rules are way too strict for me! Apocalypse stories are a really cool read though, and I love the way you’ve set this. I’ve been feeling like we might be heading for an apocalypse lately, so this seems like very fitting reading right now!

    Liked by 1 person

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